Founder Chairman Message
Vodithala Education Society
(16-09-1931 - 24-07-2011)

Former M.P. (Rajya Sabha)

Leaders and planners have been declaring time and again in various forums that there has been a vast dearth of qualified and competent Engineers, Architects and Managers in our country.  There has been a wide gap between the demand and supply of these professionals.  More colleges have to be started to meet the increasing requirements of the expanding industrial sector.  The Vodithala Education Society started Kavikulguru Institute of Technology & Science (KITS) in 1985 in Ramtek in a bid to  produce competent professionals and to take the professional education within the reach of students hailing from rural areas. Unlike the students brought up in cosmopolitan towns, students from villages suffer from many handicaps.  It is the duty of any Institute started in rural areas, to take up the task of building confidence, improving communication skills, inculcating competitive spirit, inspiring forge-ahead attitude in the young minds, so that they get ready to contribute to the nation.  We started with the belief that ‘AYOGYO PURUSHO NASTHI’ and that even a below average student can be molded into a competent engineer provided he is properly motivated and assisted.  The Vodithala Education Society gradually created and added over years various facilities and opportunities for the students at KITS.  The principles that have been held high, the methodology that has been practiced over the years made our Institute a distinctly different institute and carved a special place for it in the field of professional education in our country.  This is a result of  our efforts put in during past 25years and more in meeting with the expectations of our stakeholders namely, students, teachers, industry and the society at large.